Work Philosophy

At Teamglobal we are committed to our core values and continuously strive to achieve them by committing ourselves to foster a learning environment that is based on Shared values, Openness, Trust and Respect for each other. Our endeavor is to be the best place to work, which is followed by best professional practices for employees to sustain in competitive environment. Innovation and creativity is encouraged and support is provided for initiatives. Employees are encouraged to work without fear and to be innovative and creative. At Teamglobal diversification of workforce is practiced for better relationship between employees, generation of new ideas, for interpersonal growth and also for the growth & development of organization.

Core Values

  • Professional Commitment: Professional Commitment means mobilizing the knowledge and know-how of the individual to the best of his ability and also calls for training to keep both up to date. It requires personal commitment and a willingness to take on the tasks assigned and to acquire knowledge necessary to do the job.
  • Respect for Others: We believe respecting employees is an absolute prerequisite for the professional and personal development of each person. It applies throughout the organization all across branches. It is expressed in a readiness to listen to others, to inform, to explain and to engage in open dialogue with employees.
  • Integrity: Teamglobal started business with straight forward business principles and have stayed focused to its vision. We have conducted ourselves in an honest and transparent manner to build faith for our stakeholders, employees & society.
  • Solidarity: It is based on a sense of individual responsibility at work, which prevails over self-centered thinking. It encourages team work and brings out the best in each person, in order to achieve the objectives of the company.

Life at TeamGlobal

As a New Age International Logistics Company, Teamglobal offers a wide range of interesting job and opportunities in different areas of business like Marketing, Logistic Solutions, Operations, Accounts, HR, IT, etc., for fresher’s as well as for experienced professionals. We believe in creating a learning environment by encouraging our people to broaden their horizons, challenge, enrich and fulfill their potential via a wide and varied range of learning and development opportunities. Providing fair rewards and recognition to our people is what we believe in and our people’s efforts are recognized and rewarded.

Ample career opportunities are also provided to our people where they can achieve their aspirations and maximize their potentials.

Fun at TeamGlobal

At Teamglobal as much as we build brand, we believe in building people. Successful relations can only be built and maintained by sharing values and goals and not through authority. As a family we work, play and organize annual Picnic, annual Sports, Indoor games where HR Department helps in creating excitement at workplace by having In-Bay activities, celebration of different festivals, celebration of Women’s Day and many such social and recreational activities.

Learning and Development

At Teamglobal Learning and development is a continuous process in all areas. The growth and development of every employee is an endeavor for the company and is a top priority.

Continuous assessments of the competence levels of employees are done and various development opportunities and methods are identified and realized to meet the individual development need. Conducive atmosphere is provided for every employee to learn and grow. As a young and rapidly growing organization, our training and development intervention is aligned with the business strategy of the organization for building long term organization. HR Department plays a crucial role in providing learning and development to our people by facilitating trainings in all categories – Functional, Behavioural and Technical.

Programmes that we offer

  • Induction: A proper and well planned Induction Plan is designed to help new joinees to quickly acquaint themselves with Teamglobal culture and also have a cross-functional overview of various verticals in the company. It is also a platform where Senior Management gets to interact with the new joinees at a personal and professional level. A CFS visit is also scheduled for all new joinees to get more knowledge.
  • Technical Training: Technical training relevant to each business vertical is identified. It is provided for the skills and knowledge enhancement for a particular subject.
  • Behavioural skills: Behavioural skills training is provided to help employees understand how people in the organization work, behave and interact and to bring in professionalism in all endeavors.
  • Special Programmes: Special training Programmes are organized to train employees in various areas for improvement, some Programmes initiated are Leader’s Compass, Financial Empowerment, etc.
  • E-Kautilya (Self learning Portal): We believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success, so this Programme helps them for self growth and development. This Certification Programme is extended to all the full time Employees of Teamglobal. It is an initiative by HR Team in which employers take the virtual session as per the convenience.
  • Counselling & Mentoring Programs: Our Counselling and Mentoring programs foster supportive relationships that help employees to develop skills, behavior, and insights to enable them to attain their goals. It helps them in both their professional and personal front.

Employee Friendly Policy

Special care is taken to ensure that employees are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities, as for Teamglobal employees are very important who builds business and happy employees leads to happy customer. The policies at Teamglobal are aimed at providing work life balance to our employees.

  • Health checkup camps are organized for employees frequently.
  • In addition to base pay, “Performance Linked bonuses’ are also awarded annually.
  • Employee referral policy is launched to boost a healthy Teamwork.
  • Flexibility is provided to manage work hours (Flexi-time), so employees can meet the needs of personal life.


  1. Summer Internship Programme – Summer internship Programme helps the graduates to learn and have hands on experience along with their studies. It encourages them to initiate their fresh ideas and acquire new skills and knowledge.
    It is a 2 month Programme, where after completion, certificate is provided to individuals as per their performance.
  2. Management Trainee Programme – Management Trainee Programme gives opportunity to individual about understanding of the business. It runs over for a year and after successful completion and based on their performance confirmation is done. It starts with the induction of the individuals, where MT’s understand and goes through business overview and roles in the organization. Each MT is assessed by their supervisors and they guide them for their future endeavors.

Experienced professionals – We have one of the best teams in the logistic industry and we take keen interest in identifying the potentials of the employees. We help them exploring new opportunity, where they can freely express their views & suggestions to the management.