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Miyawaki Forests and Butterfly Garden
Miyawaki Forests and Butterfly Garden:

Globicon Terminals’ commitment to sustainability is illustrated through the establishment of Miyawaki forests and a butterfly garden within its operational space. These green initiatives not only contribute to environmental conservation but also create a positive and rejuvenating atmosphere for all stakeholders. By embracing such practices, Globicon Terminals sets a commendable example for businesses looking to integrate eco-friendly solutions into their operations. Globicon Terminals has established two Miyawaki forests, each contributing to the company's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Miyawaki Forests 1
Miyawaki Forest 1:

The first Miyawaki forest at Globicon Terminals covers an impressive area of 3150 square feet, making it a substantial green space within the industrial complex. A total of 882 trees have been meticulously planted in this area, following the Miyawaki method—a Japanese afforestation technique known for its ability to create thriving, self-sustaining ecosystems in a relatively short time.

Miyawaki Forests 2
Miyawaki Forest 2:

Building on the success of the first initiative, Globicon Terminals has extended its green footprint with a second Miyawaki forest. Spanning an area of 3546 square feet, this forest is home to 900 trees planted using the Miyawaki method. The expansion of this initiative showcases the company's commitment to creating resilient and diverse ecosystems within its operational space.

Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden:

In addition to the Miyawaki forests, Globicon Terminals has also established a vibrant butterfly garden within its premises. Covering an area of 946 square feet, this garden is adorned with 250 flower shrubs, creating a welcoming habitat for butterflies and other pollinators.

Bio Gas
Bio Gas:

Globicon Terminals has installed a state-of-the-art biogas plant to harness energy from the wet waste generated in its canteen. The plant has a remarkable capacity to process 40 kilograms of wet waste daily, ensuring efficient utilization of organic material that would otherwise contribute to landfills. By converting this waste into biogas, the company not only addresses waste management concerns but also promotes a sustainable energy source.

Solar Power
Solar Power:

Globicon Terminals has embraced solar power as a key component of its energy strategy. With a total solar panel capacity of 750 kilowatts (KW), the company is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also actively contributing to the broader shift towards renewable energy. This initiative, featuring net metering, grid contribution, and meticulous monitoring, exemplifies Globicon Terminals' commitment to environmentally conscious business practices.