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Coastal Shipping

India has a vast 5,560 KMs long coastline with 11 Major ports and 168 minor ports. Govt of India has launched an ambitious program ‘Sagarmala’ to exploit the untapped potential its coastline for movement of domestic cargo. This is expected to greatly reduce the burden on the road network and resultant reduction in carbon footprint.

To capitalize the changing environment in Domestic Multi modal Transportation segment Teamglobal has started a Domestic Multimodal Division. We already have an expertise in handling cargo Movement across the world for various small and large shippers and now this expertise is being replicated to the segment of domestic multimodal transportation using Coastal shipping for the benefit of Indian industries.

With dedicated team of professionals handling Coastal division, we can provide a cost effective solutions to various Corporates, that translates into bringing down the cost of transportation of raw material and eventually bringing in an economy of production across local industries.

Teamglobal has an advantage of having their own offices all along the coastline in India, which facilitates to provide a personalized and seamless domestic multimodal transportation service using Coastal shipping. The customers have every reason to take us as their Logistics partner due to our pan India presence and dedicated single point contact for their multimodal – Waterways, Road and Rail movements.

Teamglobal is actively participating in the bulk movement of Polymers, Cement & Cement products, Ceramic Tiles, Spices, Rubber, Carbon Black for Tyre industries, Timber, Industrial Raw materials, Solar panels and other finished and semi-finished Industrial products.

Reducing your domestic transportation cost through coastal shipping solutions
Presence at all the major coastal points
Door to door services across India